Broadcast 790 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

15 Jul 2007 Dr. Pat Patterson, Robert Meurer
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Dr. Pat Patterson and Robert Meurer were the guests for this Space Show program to discuss the upcoming SmallSat conference in Logan, UT ( and the small satellite industry. We started the discussion with Dr. Patterson by having him provide us with general schedule, agenda, and theme information for the upcoming SmallSat conference. This is an outstanding conference and if you can be in Logan or are near there at the time of the conference, August 13-16, I urge you to attend. You can get full conference and registration information at the above Small Sat website. As Pat mentioned that the conference was 22 years old, the first listener question had to do with small satellites 22 years ago and the state of miniaturization in the satellite industry s either an evolutionary process or breakthrough process. You will want to hear what Pat has to say about this but he did point out that we came from small satellites and grew to the very large ones in use today. Continuing to develop the small satellite technology and the uses for it is a natural outgrowth of the telecommunications industry. Listeners asked our guests about the use of small satellites in enhancing the manned space program and they wanted to know if astronauts could launch, control, and retrieve small satellites to facilitate a specific manned space mission. The answer was yes and in some instances this is already happening. One listener asked about small satellites being used with cameras to track NEOs and we learned about programs under consideration and possible development with the ATEN class of NEOs. We also talked about the international space community and the use of small sats by other nations. You will want to hear about small satellite usage by others. Also, ITAR issues came up regarding not just the SmallSat conference but in other international business ventures with other space-faring countries. One listener asked the guests about past predictions for the industry and then recapping the actual year for which the predictions were made. As we learned, not always are the same papers or projects that are part of the prediction track at the conference the same used for year in review. This is an interesting question so you will want to hear the comprehensive reply. If you have follow up questions or comments for our guests, please send them to me at or visit and use the contact link on the website which is



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