Broadcast 1072 (Special Edition)

15 Dec 2008 Richard Phillips
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Guest: Richard Phillips was the guest for this program to discuss the space economy and space commerce participants. We started off with Rich defining the space economy, opportunities within it, entrepreneurial activity, and sustainability. This is a must hear discussion and program. We also discussed Momentum Management, the three arenas for space commerce, which were listed as : space being relevant to security, space being relevant to the environment and energy, and space and universal communications. We talked about space vision, investors wanting momentum and what that means, what growth really means, and the need for business sustainability. A listener asked about designing a WPA program for space. Listen to what Rich said about this idea. We talked about the need for leadership and leaders and just who the leaders are and where they would come from. We talked about the need for business education within the space community and to stop talking to ourselves and get out and talk to the non-space world. New technologies were discussed and companies, such as Bloom Energy, were held up examples. Trust and being the center of a company ecosystem were big parts of our discussion, so listen to hear all of this and more. I believe this business program blazed new territory, it put a new light on space commerce and space companies. This is in my opinion, a very important program to hear. You can learn more about Richard Phillips and his company, Phillips & Company by visiting their website at . If you have a question or comment for Richard Phillips, please contact him at 



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