Broadcast 178 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

15 Dec 2003 Watts Wacker
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Watts Wacker, one of the most celebrated and influential minds and futurists in modern business, was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Wacker examines the trends that may lead us to enhanced space development, space tourism, and a even a return to the Moon with humans as well as sending humans to Mars. We talked about what would be required from society as well as government to make these developments happen. We talked about the business of futurism, how it works, what is analyzed and evaluated to determine trends, influences, and impacts upon society and governments. Mr. Wacker also talked about the importance of space development, not just for the United States, but on a global basis. We also talked about how space programs develop the wealth and resources of a nation. Watts pointed out that space exploration, settlement, and development has within it important religious elements and from that, we discussed recent Space Show themes regarding our spiritual connection to space development and exploration. Mr. Wacker was also asked about possible future trends for the U.S. and the world on various current and political matters.



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