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Guest:  Dennis Wingo;  Topics:  Having a positive vision for the future through space, lunar industrialization, Mars, a positive impact on space policy, Mars and more.

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We welcomed back Dennis Wingo for a one segment one hour discussion on the need for having a positive vision for the future which means going through space and developing lunar industrialization.  Our discussion did focus on lunar industrialization along with the why, what it might look like, time lines, subsets of lunar industrialization along the way, and space visionaries such as Musk and Bezos. Additional topics were brought up through listener emails. Dennis as he sought to follow in the path put forth by the late Dr. Gerrard O'Neill. Dennis did briefly touch on this history for those listening not familiar with Dr. O'Neill and his vision for the future. 

Dennis spent time talking about the need to be positive to work for a positive future vision.  He called out younger folks that are fearful of the future due to their ideas around climate change or something else.  Don't miss this part of the discussion which took place during the early part of our conversation.  Post your thoughts on TSS blog for this show as to what Dennis was saying as we want to hear from you on this and other topics.

Dennis talked about past efforts including many space advocacy organizations that in his opinion were not big contributors to changing the paradigm, going after lunar industrialization, and being positive about the future.  He called out several of these organizations by name.   Dennis also referenced the fact that there was about $45 trillion invested in negative return instruments and what that said about views for our future.  At this point in our discussion, he shifted and took us forward by focusing on the need and the benefits to be obtained by engaging in lunar industrialization.  Here and there listeners went back to some of his earlier comments.  One listener wanted to know if he had written off outreach to the fearful younger folks he mentioned earlier.  Don't miss what he said in response to that question.  He was also asked about the need to return to the Moon or go to Mars or both.  He had much to say about Mars.  Again, don't miss this part of the discussion. 

We talked quite a bit about the lunar industry, ISRU, building it up to make a profit, mining products, costs for some items that could be shifted from being made on Earth to the Moon and more.  In addition, Dennis addressed the need for a space futures market.   Doug asked him about starting small and working up to lunar industrialization but Dennis said there was no starting small. It was a all out effort to be made.  Listen to all of what he said in response to the email from Doug. 

As we neared the end of the program, I asked him if others were  "singing" the lunar industrialization tune.  He said there were many in and out of the Beltway and he named a few of the better known folks "spreading" the word.  I asked him for guest suggestions on this subject for TSS as I would be willing to spend more time covering lunar industrialization for ou future.

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lunar industrialization and a positive vision of the future going through space

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15 Aug 2019 Dennis Wingo
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