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We welcomed Gary Hudson back to the show for a 90 minute one segment discussion with updates on the activities of The Space Studies Institute ( regarding G-Lab and exotic propulsion plus Gary talked about his new project, Oisin Biotechnology, Inc. (  During the first part of our program, we focused on exotic propulsion.  In this discussion, Gary pointed to the free 300 page plus .pdf document from the Estes Park Conference on exotic propulsion held last year.  You can download the report at  If you check out the contributors to these proceedings, you will see this is a great list of experts working on various forms of exotic or advanced propulsion. Gary also talked about getting a NASA NIAC grant for $125K for a specific mission which he explained would be for going to Proxima B.  He described this 20 year plus mission including orbital landers, transportation time, communication time, and technology based on Mach thrusters per the work of Dr. Woodward.

Later, I asked Gary if he agreed with Dylan Taylor from Sunday that rocket reusability was the turning point for commercial space and investing.  Gary thought reusability was very important but focused in on Elon Musk creating a successful rocket company using existing technology.  Do not miss this discussion.  Let us know what you think by posting your comments on the blog.  He said that SpaceX and what Elon did was the real game changer. 

Jim Davis sent in a blog comment regarding the Woodward work and conservation of momentum.  I pointed Jim to the program John Hunt and I did with Drs. Woodward and Fern in their lab in Sept,. 2016.  Gary said that if you considered the energy of the universe, Mach thrusters obeyed the laws of conservation of momentum.  John Hunt then called in and I asked John what he remembered Jim and Heidi saying about this from our interview.  He also said it was based on tapping into the universe, not just staying within the framework of the local Mach thruster.  Listen to what John said but don't miss the i9nterview with Jim and Heidi from Sept. 2016.   Gary pointed out work done on this by Ron Stahl.  His paper is titled "Mach-Effect physics conservation concerns: 3 important observations".  You can find it at  Gary then referenced work by Dr. John Cramer and Ruth Kastner.  I will work to get both of these people on as guests for future Space Show programs. 

Sally asked Gary if he thought his extensive chemical rocket background and experience was useful in working with exotic propulsion.  Don't miss how Gary responded to this question.  It was insightful and interesting.  Tim then called the show to talk timelines and if the R&D was now above the noise level.  Again, listen carefully to how Gary responded to Tim.  Note that the level of research being carried out as described by Gary.

In the remaining time for the show, we talked about Gary's new venture in the biotechnology industry.  His company is Oisin Biotechnology, Inc. (  Gary talked about their focus on senescence cell and killing bad cells. For those of you not up on these cells (as was I), do a simple search for them and you will find lots of current research, reviewed articles, medical information and theories about them.  Gary explained the trials and testing they are doing in this area, the coming Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials, the technology, the theory, and the medical conditions for aging that they are working to address.  So far investment in the company is on the private level only but that may change depending on trials, successes and other factors.  This was a most interesting 15 minute segment so don't miss it.  I also found it interesting to learn about a different line of medical research to investigate and possibly mitigate some aging conditions.  I wish Gary and his researchers great success in their work.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Gary through the email address he gave out on air, through me or his Oisin website.




Space Studies Institute, advanced propulsion, Gary's new project

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15 Aug 2017 Gary C. Hudson
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