Broadcast 999 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Dr. Pat Patterson, Jim Marshall, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Billie Reed, Chris McCormick, Christian Lenz. This program consists of three sets of interviews from the August 2008 SmallSat Conference located on the campus of Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Our first discussion includes Dr. Pat Patterson of Utah State University and Jim Marshall, the Director of Business Development for the Space Dynamics Lab (SDL), plus others from the SDL who explain their projects as well as talk about being a student, intern, or PI in the program. We discuss the business structure of the SDL, its relationship to Utah State, and the space projects going on at the lab. Many of the projects were on display and where we can, we describe exactly what we see. You can learn more about the SDL and Utah State by visiting ___________________________________________________________ The second discussion features Dr. Billie Reed who runs the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), which is part of the Wallops Island Federal Launch Center. Check them out at Billie updates us on new developments with MARS, range and tracking requirements for all spaceports, suborbital as well as orbital vehicles, vehicle recovery, and much more. You will find this to be a most educational, informative, and fun discussion. It's also comprehensive regarding the subject of spaceports and launch vehicles. __________________________________________________________ The third and final set of interviews features Chris McCormick, CEO of Broad Reach Engineering along with Christian Lenz of the company. We talked about their product line, small sats, NOAH, data sales and gathering, markets, launch vehicles and rides, business plans, ITAR, transitioning from the public sector to the private sector, and much more. We also learned that Chris has done some teaching at UND (where I also teach), but in a different department and has worked with UND students on Project Starshine and other ventures. In fact, as you will hear, some of these projects will hopefully soon start to fly. Check the company out at ___________________________________________________________ If you have questions for any of our guests, please send them to me at and I will forward them to the correct person.



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15 Aug 2008 Dr. John Jurist, Christain Lenz, Dr. Pat Patterson, Dr. Billie Reed
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