Broadcast 928 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

15 Apr 2008 Frank Sietzen
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Guest: Frank Sietzen was our guest on today's show to talk about his upcoming new book, "The Astronaut and the Fireman" and NASA spin-off technology, specifically the NASA City and Hope interactive feature on the NASA website portal. (Please visit and click on "NASA Home and City.") Mr. Sietzen drove home the point of the benefits we receive daily which were the result of NASA and its programs, both manned and scientific. He then showed us how important this was for the presidential campaign and for the general public since presidential candidates can radically change NASA and its funding to the detriment of us all. During the program, Frank made the case that since most Americans don't know about all the benefits derived from space, we will likely not pay that much attention to NASA changes that may run against what we in the space community want and know to be important. Frank received many listener questions regarding this discussion and you will certainly want to hear the full range of the discussion presented by Frank Sietzen on tonight's show. Toward the end of the program, Frank was asked for a solution to the problems discussed on tonight's show. He offers some positive ideas and an action plan, along with support from me. Don't miss this discussion. You can send your comments and emails to Frank Sietzen at



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