Broadcast 699 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

15 Apr 2007 Reda Anderson
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Reda Anderson was the special guest for this program which aired on both Tuesday, April 10 and Sunday, April 15, 2007. Reda has purchased the first ticket to be a space flight participant on Rocketplane and we spoke with her about her interests in space tourism. However, as you will learn from this amazing interview, Reda is a true adventure traveler and explorer. For example, she was in the last group to dive on the Titanic in one of the Russian submersibles. During the first part of this interview, we discussed her Titanic experience in detail. You absolutely will not want to miss this exciting and informative discussion! As for space tourism, Reda has much to say about shy she wants to go to space, what she expects from the experience and more. You will be surprised by some of her discussion comments regarding space tourism. For example, I asked Reda if space was just another adventure spot to visit or something special. Listen to the program to hear what she has to say. There were many listener questions during the show, a few of which were inquiring as to why Reda was willing to risk her life to fly to space. When you hear her answer, you will understand something about the terrific spirit Reda Anderson has and how important it is for us all to cultivate as much of this spirit that is within each of us as possible. A listener asked Reda about government regulation and clearly, Reda wants to make her own choices and be responsible for herself. I hope regulators listen to this show. We discussed much more on this program. I highly value this interview and my knowing Reda Anderson. Reda will take your comments and questions by email or you can as always send them to her through me. You can reach Reda Anderson at


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