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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Dr. Tom Matula; Topics:  Space settlements benefit Earth, lunar settlements, agriculture and food for space, the need for 1 g facilities, families and space settlement and more.

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We welcomed Dr. Tom Matula to the program to discuss his two papers and ideas on space settlement and the benefits for Earth from space settlement.  Please read the two papers that have been uploaded to the blog as they were a big part of our discussion.  If you have questions about the papers, please post them on the blog.  Tom started the discussion with an introduction to his ideas about space settlement, primarily on a commercial level, but being sold to the public for the benefits settlement will bring to Earth and the way sin which space settlement will help solve what he said were Earth's critical environmental problems.  While Tom's discussion focused individually on both of his papers but he actually lumped the subjects and issues together.  Note that we had multiple listener emails and a call form Marshall.

The majority of our discussion focused on lunar settlements,1 g, how to build the habitats and trenches on the Moon, plus food and agriculture in space.  While Tom was asked about orbital settlements and habitats, he focused on the Moon and said it would likely be the location for the first space settlement.  Listen to what he said when he was asked if the low radiation LEO orbital station concept would be first given the ease of getting to that orbit and the closeness to Earth.

Tom talked about modular habitat construction and the use of mag lift technology. Later, he address mining and construction equipment on the Moon, even at the low gravity of the Moon.  Tom was asked about the risk and importance of the space settlement regulatory environment and how that might unfold in coming years. Our guest also mentioned his idea for a space academy.  Let us know what you think about that idea by posting on our blog.  Later he addressed Artemis and then Tom talked about Mars which he said would take place later. 

Before ending, Tom offered a short but concise summary of the program.  Tom said he was looking for ideas and help in launching his plans and a book he wanted to complete on the subject.  Don't hesitate to contact him if you can be of assistance.

Please post your comments/questions for Tom on our blog. You can contact him through me or the information he put out to the listeners near the end of our program.




Tom's latest work on habitats and moving humans into the solar system

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14 Sep 2021 Dr. Thomas Matula
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference