Broadcast 1223 (Special Edition)

14 Sep 2009 Dr. Eligar Sadeh
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Guest: Dr. Eligar Sadeh. Topics: 2009 National Space Forum, space policy and strategic planning, space globalization, human spaceflight. Dr. Eligar Sadeh was the guest for this show to discuss the recently concluded 2009 National Space Forum which was held in Washington, DC from September 1-2, 2009. Dr. Sadeh started the first segment with an overview of the National Space Forum, a discussion of the need for space deterrent strategies, and our current lack of strategic thinking in the space arena. We both noted as did the Forum just how dependent the U.S. is on space and how the need to have effective strategic space policies is essential. We discussed treated, space technology, diplomatic and political solutions, and more. In the second segment, we continued talking treaties and the need for space to be open to all. In fact, one of the strategies talked about throughout the Forum was that since the U.S. requires open space access for its own needs, we must insist on the same open space access for all nations. This is an underlying element of our national space policy. Dr. Sadeh then summarized some of the Forum's discussion on collective security regimes in space. He went over some of the discussion pertaining to treaties versus codes of behavior or rules of the road. In the third segment, we continued discussing space strategies and diplomacy. Eligar received many questions about diplomacy versus projecting space leadership and superiority. See what you think of these different approaches. Toward the middle of this final segment, Eligar brought us current on his space consulting business, Astroconsulting International. He described some very interesting projects that his company is working on in addition to the upcoming space security workshop he is planning for early next year. If you have comments or questions for Dr. Sadeh, please send them to him as .



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