Broadcast 624 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Nov 2006 Michael Belfiore
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Michael Belfiore was the guest for this Space Show program. We began our discussion with Michael with a focus toward his new book, "Rocketeers: How a visionary hand of business leaders, engineers, and pilots is boldly privatizing space." Michael told us how he got the idea for the book, his interviews with the leaders he refers to in the title, we discussed the contents of the book through the Table of Contents and learned that the book will be available around July 2007. His publisher is Smithsonian Books which is a division of the larger Harper Collins. What Michael has to say about these leaders, what they are doing for opening space up and how they are doing it is very interesting and he will be returning to the program when the book is released to the public. We also received several listener questions addressing journalism, writing, publishing, copyrights and more. These were excellent questions as we got an insiders view of writing for magazines, newspapers, books, journals, and the wire services. Michael told us how he arranged to be sent locations to cover a specific space story and his comments should be most helpful to others wanting to write, be assigned to a space story, etc. We also talked about his suggestion that striving writers consider genres other than science fiction or space to start with given the market demands for the other fields over space and sci-fi. You will not want to miss his comments on this issue. Michael shared his ideas with us regarding the public space program as compared to the private space program and he spoke about shortcomings as he sees them with the VSE. Michael receives constant feedback from the general population, publishers, editors, and others so he is close to the pulse of decision makers regarding these subjects. We should all take note of what he says. Mr. Belfiore does a superb job of covering the private space community and you will know why after hearing him on The Space Show. His website is He has a blog where everyone can participate. Check it out at If you have comments or additional questions for Michael Belfiore, please contact him from his website or as always, you can send them through me at



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