Broadcast 278 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Nov 2004 Dr. Harvey Willenberg
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Dr. Harvey Willenberg discussed space nuclear power and its applicable uses for space commerce in quite some detail. This discussion also included a look at terrestrial nuclear power, its overall safety, changes in its manufacturing and design processes, and the proper way to handle nuclear waste. We talked about plausible lunar commercial opportunities and Dr. Willenberg spent some time discussing HE3 and its use. He also talked about other energy options with hold more promise, especially space solar power. He was asked questions about NASA and the large aerospace industry conspiring to hold back space access and development past LEO, all of which he answered and responded to quite effectively. We discussed technology transfer and ITARS and its effect on American commercial space companies, the impact of SpaceShipOne and suborbital space tourism, the new space vision and policy program put forward by President Bush earlier this year. Dr. Willenberg shared his vast knowlege and experience with Space Show listeners for a most informative 90 minutes. This is a must listen to program.



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