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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest: John Jossy: Topics: Fifteen plus current important space and space related topics were brought to our attention by our guest and freely discussed on today's program.  John's outline for the program has been posted as a .pdf on our program archive page.

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We welcomed John Jossy back to the show for an unusual, entertaining and very informative program with John guiding us through multiple space news and related important stories for today's discussion.  John has posted information on all of these topics on his blog, he also has posted many of them on our blog over recent programs.  In addition, we were most fortunate that he sent us his outline list with URLs for his topics of discussion for today.  I have uploaded this.pdf list which is in chronological order on our blog.  You will see it under the title of "Space Show Topics May 14, 2021."  If you follow the outline given us by our guest, you will have a very accurate, short and sweet summary of today's program.  John's list was used to construct the tags and key words for this program plus I added in additional topics and points of focus that came up on our show.

John jumped right in with his list starting with the excellent Al Globus article written for the Ad Astra special edition on Living in Space regarding answer the complaints by naysayers about space settlement.  While we talked about this on the recent April 29, 2021 Rod Pyle and Aggie Kobrin NSS show on the Ad Astra Special Edition, John offered new insights and answered my questions as to how effective he thought Al's response would be for the naysayers.  Listen to what John said about that.  You will find his comment early on in our program.  Speaking about NSS, TSS recently featured the newly elected Chair of the NSS Board of Governors on a show, Retired USAF Col. Karlton Johnson.  John heard that interview and picked up on what Karlton said regarding the space value proposition wen we were talking about why anyone should spend money on space development and exploration.  Once again, don't miss what John had to say about Karlton's space proposition dialog.

John took us through his list in chronological order which you can read on the attached pdf but in summarizing this program, I skipped around a bit from topic to topic.  A few items in our discussion stood out from my perspective and that of the listeners.  One example was what John said about Musk on Saturday Night Live, his comments on dogecoin, his being termed the DogeFather, then about cryptocurrency in general. I confessed to not understanding cryptocurrency. John replied to my lack of understanding as did a few listeners. Tim called from Huntsville with his comments but the best email and the clearest response came from listener Michael so pay attention to his email, my reply and comments from others including later on a call from Marshall.  John addressed some of what Michael said in his email.  I also offered a full Space Show program if I could find a guest who could clearly explain cryptocurrency and the blockchain economy to us.  If you know of such a person who could be the guest for that program, please do let me know as I confess to my "not getting it."  I sincerely would like to know more and learn more about it.  I did ask Tim how to buy cryptocurrency and he said through the Robinhood app.  By the way, Marshall's call also talked about Starlink and related items.

John introduced us to several reports and topics that led us to a sort of climate change discussion.  Not only did this conversation address electric car issues, the need now and in the future for rare Earth minerals, but also space mining and asteroid mining.  Our attention was called to the new book by Dr. Steven Koonin, "Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells us, What it Doesn't" plus the International Energy Agency report, "The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transition.:"  John linked to this report.  In addition, the current Wall Street Journal Op-ed by Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute, "Biden’s Not

So Clean Energy" which was based on the International Energy Agency Report should be read if you are interested and can be found at  If you have trouble accessing the article because it is behind a paywall, I can send you a non-paywall copy.  John linked this to our space discussion due to ISRU and space resource mining plans for the future as rare Earth elements may be part of those plans.  If you have comments on this and space mining to go along with the challenges talked about in the report and the articles, please post them on our blog for this show.  We want to hear you.  Nuclear power came up as a green fuel and with one thing leading to another, I went on one of my classic but short rants about nuclear power abuses to the rate payers here in the Golden State.  Sorry folks, I could not contain myself on this subject.

I jumped ahead in John's chronological discussion topics. For example, he brought up the issue of an ISRU technology gap.  That is, just how ready for prime time are our ISRU capabilities.  Once again John mentioned the centrifuge ideas for the Moon or Mars for a controlled closed eco system using artificial gravity.   Check out the links he has provided on this topic.  As he said, the author of the paper has been invited to be a guest on TSS but so far such a program has not been confirmed. 

John's commentary about V.P. Harris being selected Chairwoman of the National Space Council was important and you should hear all of it.  John pointed out several key issues as reported by Eric Berger on his Ars Technica site (John provided the URL to Eric's article).  One of the key issues, climate change, tied in with the reports and concerns mentioned in the items above and earlier in our discussion.  Another of John's topics that caught my eye was the Space News article regarding Sierra Nevada advertising a spinoff of the Musk SNL program.  I thought this was strange.  What do you think?

The Breakthrough Listen reporting citing no signals detected in their having looked at over 60 million starts disappointed me.  I keep hoping.  I will see if I can do an updated Breakthrough program soon so we can get the full picture on Breakthrough Listen and the other Breakthrough programs including propulsion.  As we were nearing the end of the program, John dropped another surprise on us with his reporting about US Nuclear signing a space mining trade agreement.  He explained what was going on and provided us with the link to the story.  This seems a bit premature to me but maybe a Space Show will be needed to fully understand what is going on.  To bring our discussion to a close, John referenced a SpaceWatch Global article naming five reasons why astronomy was important to our future.  John closed us out with a NY Times article about a bottle of wine from the ISS possibly having a market price of a million dollars.  I don't know what to think of that one but if someone really wanted to pay that much for a bottle of wine that had been on the ISS, I at least hope it is a valuable wine to start with and not one sealed by a screw on lid.

Please post your comments/questions for John Jossy on our blog for this program.  You can reach John through his excellent blog: or me.

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14 May 2021 John Jossy
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