Broadcast 1325 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Henry Vanderbilt. Topic: Space Access Society upcoming conference and agenda. Henry Vanderbilt, founder of the Space Access Society and the Space Access Conference was our guest for this show to discuss the upcoming SA Conference in Phoenix, Arizona from April 8-10, 2010. For more information, please visit In our first segment, Henry took us through the origins of the Space Access Society, how he came to found the organization and then do the annual conferences to bring people together to discuss how to accomplish radically different space transportation costs. This is an important history so don't miss it as it paves the way for the modern Space Access Society and its success as well as popularity. Also in this segment, we talked about space budgets and Henry said that if commercial space access costs were X, then the DOD would be perhaps 3X. NASA would then be about 10X! Listen to his full comments on this subject. Toward the end of this segment, Henry was talking about Space X, COTS and Orbital Sciences. As we started the second segment, Henry continued talking about Space X and the Falcon 9, then Orbital Sciences and the development of the Taurus 2 rocket as well as the NASA CCDEV program Commercial Crew Development. Constellation and Ares 1 were discussed and then Henry started talking about some of the speakers and conference content. You can see the full list of speakers and subjects by visiting the Space Access Society website at the address above. Scroll down to the section "Confirmed SA'10 speakers and presentations so far." Later in this segment, we talked at some length about laser power transmission via the upcoming talk by Dr. Jordin Kare and Lasermotive. Dallas then called the show to mention some hurdles for the space elevator including the need for two-way traffic and more. Dallas also talked about the panel discussion planned for orbital propellant depots. In the third and final segment, we continued our discussion with Dallas and Henry regarding both the elevator and the propellant depots. Later in this segment, Henry was asked about heavy lift and returning to the Moon. As you will hear, Henry talked in some detail about the Nasa exploration policy. This is a must hear discussion. Toward the end of the segment, the subject of world space programs came up and as you will hear, SA 10 is a US-centric conference but there is a panel discussion on various world space programs. Heavy lift was the topic as we neared the end of the show. If you have comments or questions for Henry Vanderbilt or want to know more about the Space Access conference, please email him through the website using



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14 Mar 2010 Mr. Henry Vanderbilt
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