Broadcast 908 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Mar 2008 Per Wimmer
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Guest: Per Wimmer. Per Wimmer of Wimmer Space and Wimmer Financial was the guest for this Space Show program. During the first segment, we discussed basic business requirements for entrepreneurial space businesses and start-up companies to follow when seeking venture capital or other financing. Mr. Wimmer grouped these requirements into three main areas focusing on: making early returns for the business and establishing cash flow, quality management teams, and a quality market analysis. He spent considerable time explaining each of these categories and answering numerous listener questions about them. You will find this discussion interesting, revealing, and most relevant, so don't miss what Mr. Wimmer had to say about this important topic. For example, he defined what he meant by "cash flow" and what the company should do with it, he also defined the term "quality management team" and responded to several questions about company management. He answered questions about market studies and pro formas, ROIs, and assumptions. As a result of a listener question asking him about the choice for VC capital, Mr. Wimmer outlined the ideal sources for capital for a start-up space business. We asked him about various Wimmer Space Projects and here we learned much and got a glimpse of how he shares and gives back to the community. Mr. Wimmer was also asked about his future spaceflights and whether he would have time to conduct any experiments during a suborbital mission. He said he wanted to make his time in orbit useful and he invited listeners to email him with any experiment suggestions. Later in the show, a listener asked him about his travels and the way people around the world regard space and what he does, including wanting to go to space. His answer was quite interesting and surprising. It seems space captivates people everywhere, regardless of nationality, location, economics, education, etc. Again, you will want to hear this discussion. He was asked about China in space and how China in space was viewed in Europe. Don't miss his response, but this question led to another about his and other future space travelers having fear or being very brave to go to space. Mr. Wimmer talked about the right stuff mentality, the fact that the early pioneers are higher risk-taking people than average and that they like being part of a pioneering wave. This group welcomes roughness, is educated, knows the risks, and takes them on. This line of questioning came about as a result of a listener asking him about any physical or medical requirements he and others must meet in order to be a space tourist. He said there are essentially none, but as we know, the FAA AST is developing spaceflight participant medical guidelines that will likely become the standard everywhere. In response to another listener question, Mr. Wimmer discussed a little about how the Danish school system treats space in the science classroom. Toward the end of the program, he was asked if the current economic mess the U.S. and other countries are in can slow down, or even derail space development. He said economic conditions could definitely slow down space development, especially in the private sector, as risk capital has dried up. Areas of China, Asia, and India are still strong as is the Middle East, which is collecting record oil income. The subprime problems here in the States have made things worse. As we concluded the program, please note his final remark and message to us all. It's very appropriate for now and into the future. You can learn more about Per Wimmer by visiting and If you have a question or comment for Per Wimmer, please send it to him through me at or use If you use the latter address, please reference The Space Show in the subject line of your email.



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