Broadcast 203 (Special Edition)

14 Mar 2004 Dr. Haym Benaroya
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Dr. Haym Benaroya, professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University and noted lecturer at national and international space conferences as well as a noted space advocate was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. During the program, Dr. Benaroya discussed the importance of returning to the Moon to stay and going on to Mars. He also talked about the value and need for maintaining the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. We explored in depth the engineering and technology needed to build lunar settlements, to return to the Moon to stay, and to develop asteroid resources. He explained what is available to us now and what is needed regarding materials, science, and engineering developments to make the Moon commercially and scientifically available to us. Dr. Benaroya helps us to understand where we are today with this type of needed space construction and engineering versus where we need to be make lunar and space development a reality. Dr. Benaroya also discussed a new academic and engineering program at Rutgers which commences July 1, 2004 to study and develop methods for building structures in extreme environments. This program is going to be known as the Center for Structures in Extreme Environments and it will have a definite focus on creating, developing, and building structures on the Moon. Dr. Benaroya provides Space Show listeners with solid, factual information about our current status and abilities for building structures and carrying out real work on the Moon. I'm sure you will find this program as interesting and important as I found it to be when talking with Professor Benaroya.



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