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The Space Foundation Conference

14 Jun 2016 Dr. David Livingston
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This was to be a Space Show Auditions program for self-invited guests and those wanting to be a guest on The Space Show. Unfortunately, nobody called to say they wanted to be a guest on the show.  In typical fashion, self-invited guests do not typically listen to the program and they reject the stated path for being on the show which is to call in during either an Auditions show or an Open Lines program.  Since they don't listen to the show but do want to be on it, they don't know when we have an Auditions or OL show.  As I said on air, when I send them this information, for the most part I never hear from them again.  Our policy of not accepting self-invited guests directly to the program will continue.

During our two hour program without a break, we fielded two emails and two calls as if the program was an Open Lines program. Our first caller was John Hunt who called to talk about our upcoming show on Friday about EM drive. John had much to say about EM drive, Conservation of Energy, Mach's Principle, and researchers taking a risk to research and talk about "fringe" propulsion possibilities.  He then got a listener email from Dan asking him more about his comments from a few weeks ago on The Space Show about the Hilary campaign saying they would release all UFO information should she become president. I regret reading the question to John but we did have some fun addressing that topic for another 15 minutes or so. Note that The Space Show is not a UFO program.  The only way this got into the programming was the announcement by the Clinton campaign that were she elected president, she would release all the classified UFO information. Unless something newsworthy appears about the subject, it is not a Space Show discussion topic despite having fun with it when it comes up.

After John's call and Just before calling it a night for the show, Tim from Huntsville called. He had not been listening so he brought up the UFO issue again, then he made some comments which I misunderstood so we started having a heated discussion with my thinking he was advocating a certain plan for $10 per lb. to orbit. Tim finally got me to understand what he was talking about and then I agreed with him though his analogy was initially confusing to me. He also talked about EM drive issues per the show this coming Friday morning.

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