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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston Topics: U.S. space policy, aerospace industry job layoffs, commercial launchers, NASA. This was another two hour hard hitting and listener driven hot topic Open Lines discussion focusing on space policy and what is happening in the aerospace industry, especially with NASA layoffs and rockets In the first segment, I opened with discussion points about the possibility of a show about the Peruvian space program, a tongue and cheek idea to do a quarterly infomercial week on The Space Show, and then I read an interesting email from a listener that goes to the heart of civility, negativity, the use of fear to make a point, and related matters by guests on The Space Show and the space community. I'm interested in your feedback on these discussion topics. Our first caller was Mark Bray in Huntsville, a previous Space Show guest. Mark had much to say about the layoffs as he is a contractor and works at Marshall Space Flight Center. Mark told us what was going on with not only the layoffs, but program changes, cuts, and more. Later in the show, Mark continued updating us with chat comments about various rockets an hardware. We talked about morale issues, both with the contractors and those directly employed by NASA. Don't miss this discussion. We also talked about heavy lift, the market for heavy lift, and the engines used for heavy lift. In fact, Mark talked about a compromise program that seemed to make lots of sense in terms of what our FY11 space policy might look like. As we moved to our second segment, Kelly called in and talked about commercial crew, Space X, the business risks for Boeing and Lockheed regarding Orion and more. At this point, the listeners chatting and calling the show pointed out that with Constellation being dead, Orion being dead (you will hear why from the callers on this show) and problems with the various rocket programs, it was said that our civil space program was in far more serious trouble that most of us realize. You will hear my surprise at what was being talked and chatted about by the listeners to this program. As a result of this Open Lines discussion, I'm searching for possible guests to elaborate on the issues that were brought to our attention and the attention of The Space Show audience last night. Assuming I can find the right guest(s) for such a program, I will offer up a Space Show program about NASA shutting down and the crisis facing our aerospace industry. I believe the issues brought to our attention by listeners in this Open Lines program were so startling that they need to be confirmed and an educational informative program needs to be presented on the topic. Lots was said during the program about the letter than Senator Nelson wrote to Senator Barbara Mikulski regarding our space policy and the FY11 NASA Budget.. This letter is at This letter was the basis of much of the discussion in both segments of tonight's program. Listeners seemed to like his comments about starting on a heavy lift vehicle in 2011 and "After retiring the last shuttle, we will soon turn to commercial space companies to deliver astronauts to the ISS. I am proposing that we take a ''walk before you run" approach for the development of commercial crew services." Earlier in the show, listener Terry suggested an informal poll as to the government preventing citizens from going to space. I said the government would not do that short of becoming excessive in regulations. If you want to express your opinion on Terry's poll, send it to me and I'll forward it to him. If you have a comment or question for any of the listeners that called or participated in the show, send it to me and I will forward it to the person of your choice. As always, your comments, feedback, and suggestions are welcome so send them along to



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14 Jun 2010 Dr. David Livingston
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