Broadcast 1071 (Special Edition)

14 Dec 2008 George Morgan
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Guest: George Morgan, playwright and author of "Rocket Girl," was the guest for this Space Show program. George's play is about his Mom, Mary Sherman, who invented the hydyne rocket fuel which is credited by many with saving the American space program. George told us the story of his Mom from her days riding a horse to school in Ray, North Dakota, to her coming to California to work for North American Aviation, to designing the hydyne rocket fuel for the Redstone rocket and our space program. George tells us what it was like for his Mom in these early years working in a company, alongside the men, keeping quiet, not seeking recognition for what she had accomplished, and having her fellow North American employees "protect" her from a system that was much different then than today. Several listeners called and many listener questions were asked of George, including how he documented his Mom's work, who he interviewed that also worked at North American Aviation at the time, and how he wrote the play titled "Rocket Girl" which tells this story. You must listen to what George has to say and learn about his Mom Mary Sherman and her contribution to America and our space program. George also talks about the play, suitable formats for it, and possible film or other productions that might come about in the near future. This Space Show program was also filmed in my broadcast studio with the services of Dan Shaw of We will place the entire program up on Google video with pictures of George and his Mom and I will let you know when the video is uploaded to Google. You can visit George Morgan's website ( for more information and to see other plays he has written. You can go to the page for "Rocket Girl by visiting . If you have a question or comment for George Morgan, please contact him at The play can be downloaded at .



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