Broadcast 287 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Dec 2004 Scott Sullivan
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Scott P. Sullivan was the guest on this Space Show program, discussing his two books, "Virtual Apollo" and "Virtual LM." Mr. Sullivan discussed his modeling and CAD programming to produce both books, their accuracy, and how he did the research to provide us with these drawings. In the process of discussing these books and in particular his newest book, "Virtual LM," many other related issues came up pertaining to Apollo and the LM. Scott also explained the complexity behind each project and his coming projects, the Mercury-Gemini capsules as well as the Saturn V, then comparing these projects to other possible projects including Mir, the ISS, the Space Shuttle, and even SpaceShipOne. A listener asked how complex the space vehicles were in comparison to a Boeing 747 jet regarding the types of drawings and diagrams he produces in his book. Interestingly, he explained that the 747 would probably be the simplest given the extensive repetition of many of the components and systems. The two books, "Virtual Apollo" and "Virtual LM" are historic, informative, and fascinating. Not only do I recommend you listen to this show, I recommend you do so with both books in your hands so you can follow the discussion.



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