Broadcast 374 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Aug 2005 Jason Andrews
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Jason Andrews returned to The Space Show for this special morning Space Show program to be repeated at its regularly scheduled time on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2005. Mr. Andrews began the interview explaining how he had helped Andrews Space experience the rapid growth of 100% per year since the Company's inception in 1999. Mr. Andrews explained the their business focus and philosophy of working with NASA, SBIR, and government project money rather than investor money. This is an important discussion that you will not want to miss. In addition, Mr. Andrews updated us since his last visit on show with the new Andrews Space programs which include helping NASA redefine the Space Exploration Vision, ISS cargo logistics, and the Andrews SmallTug activity. Listeners can find out more about these projects at the Andrews website at In the discussion of these projects, we explored related issues such as rocket technology and low cost space access, alternatives to rockets, ELVs, their solar electronic technology and its application for both the Moon and Mars, and much much more. With questions from listeners, Mr. Andrews looked into the future for where he sees Andrews Space in five and ten years, but also NASA, Congress, and public interest in space. We covered many topics of high interest to Space Show listeners. I believe this to be a "must listen to" program for everyone interested in becoming space-faring. To contact Mr. Andrews, visit the Andrews Space website and click on the contact link or send an e-mail to As always, you can send a note to Jason Andrews through me at



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