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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Michael Gold;  Topics:  The Artemis Accords, international participation, the Artemis project, lunar Gateway, commercial space development with PPP, space treaties, bilateral agreements, countering space development naysayers and more.

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We welcomed Michael Gold back to the show for a multi-subject discussion on Redwire, commercial space investment opportunity, the Artemis Accords, international space participation, returning to the Moon with the Artemis Project, the Gateway and much more.  As with other recent shows, use the Tags as a guideline to all the topics discussed on this program with Mr. Gold.  Here are the tags for your convenience:  Michael Gold, Redwire, NASA, Artemis Accords, safety zones, norms of behavior, lunar Gateway, Commercial Spaceflight Federation, international participants, bipartisan alliance, UAE, HOPE Mission, Artemis participants, Africa, Outer Space Treaty, the OST and Artemis Accords, Artemis safety zones, treaty of principles, the Artemis Program, Russia, China, NASA Administrator Nelson and China view, Chinese technology, quantum in space, commercial space questions, possible areas of cooperation, Public Private Partnerships, Age of Innovation, an American accelerated space capability, China and AI, AI can be frightening, solar array production, DART mission, solar on Gateway, lunar power, sun lenses, SSP, nuclear, SSP robotics, space development naysayers, greed,  climate change, space development as an enabler, small ISS centrifuges, determining the gravity prescription, Lunar South Pole, spinning for gravity levels, commercial LEO destinations, biotech research, improvements needed in talking up space development.  As I have said on other programs, the tags fairly summarize the main topics with some minor topics, in the order discussed, with Mr. Gold.

Mike made a very strong case for international space partner participation with the Artemis Accords.  He mentioned most of the Artemis Accords participants but spent a significant amount of time on how the Outer Space Treaty supported the Accords.  Our guest suggested both were synergistic of one another.  He used the safety zone creation which was spelled out in the accords as an example.  Safety zones have received lots of attention in the space media and on The Space Show but Mike showed how they were supported with the groundwork paving the way forward, all from the OST.    What do you think about safety zones? Are they enforceable?  Are they viable? What about China and Russia honoring safety zones? After you listen to Mike talk about this subject, let us know what you think by posting on our blog.

Another excellent short discussion derived form talking about space power which focused on solar and nuclear.  Mike got several questions about SSP and nuclear, power on the ISS and for future development.  Mike seemed to be more favorable toward space based solar power than nuclear but in the end both would be doable.  Your thoughts? Post them on our blog.

Later in the program a few listeners asked Mike for his take on AI.  Ethical constraints were discussed, AI and China was a short discussion topic but again our guest stressed the Accords can act as an important guideline impacting AI ethical and constrained development.  At one point it was said that AI could be frightening which is why Mike thought the Accords would be so important and impactful regarding this developing field. 

Fremont John emailed about solar array production, space power, ISS power as an example, the DART mission as an example plus Gateway plans.  John's call and the discussion that resulted from his call was followed by an email from Susan about the commercial space naysayers.  Mike had lots to say in favor of commercial space development along with specific comments on naysayer talking about greed, climate change, and billionaire nastiness.  Before we ended, Fremont John called to talk gravity RX and where Mike thought we should first start a space settlement.  Don't miss what Mike said, then his concluding remarks as we brought the program to an end.

Please post your comments/questions for this program with Mike Gold on our blog for this program.  You can reach Mike Gold through me here at The Space Show or through Redwire where he serves as the Chief Growth Officer.




Mike Gold, now with Redwire, returns for Artemis and a commercial space investment discussion and more

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14 Apr 2023 Mike Gold
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference