Broadcast 1222 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

13 Sep 2009 Declan O'Donnell
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Guest: Declan O'Donnell. Topics: space governance, United Societies in Space, science development. Declan O'Donnell returned as The Space Show guest to discuss space governance and the unique concept of the Space Authority Bank as a way to finance space development. During Segment 1, Declan provided us with the basics for this discussion starting with the five United Nations space treaties, the basics of space governance, and a comparison of the U.S. concept of space as a frontier as contrasted to the Canadian experience of frontier development with their Mounties. We talked about our society being more risk averse to creating another "Old West" type of experience with regards to space development. Declan then described the United Societies in Space (USIS) as a supplemental treaty system. Please listen to this discussion and see what you think. Through space governance, an Authority is created and he explained the Authority as something similar to the UN creating another nation. That nation would then create money as would the Authority. The Authority would back its money with space assets. Listen to the explanation and let Declan know what you think of this idea. In Segment 2, we talked about the need to advance more in our scientific knowlege to be better prepared to implement the Authority. Declan thought the timing was still off and that going slow was just fine. We discussed the time table and our readiness throughout this segment. Declan also explained the Regency and the issue of chance or serendipity in terms of scientific progress came up and Declan acknowledged that this could impact the time line in a very positive way. In Segment 3, the Regency or ROUSIS was discussed and explained in detail. He also theorized that after 9/11, space development, even attendance at space conferences took a nose dive and was only now starting to recover but the global economic conditions were now a strong negative factor to consider. When asked what we need to move forward, Declan said more science, heavy lift vehicles, and lots more education. Toward the end of the show we talked about barter clubs as barter is an essential part of creating the currency for The Authority. If you have comments or questions for Declan, you can reach him on his toll free number, 1-800-632-2828. If you want to email him, please do so through me but be advised he is not as prompt with email responses as we would like. I strongly recommend you use the toll free number to contact him about space if you have an interest in space governance, USIS, or if you have a comment or question for him. You can always send an email comment or question for him through me at



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