Broadcast 775 (Special Edition)

13 Sep 2007 Dr. Buzz Aldrin
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Dr. Buzz Aldrin was a guest for this late Friday afternoon Space Show program. Buzz started off giving us an update of where we are today versus yesterday/yesteryear re the VSE, rockets, space station, and much more. We talked about his ShareSpace plan for advocate organizations and members to win space trips and related activities. Listen to his plan and let us know what you think of it. He received a few questions regarding possible problems with Aries I in the launch hardware NASA is developing to go to the Moon. He advocates supporting NASA and having backup plans if what NASA is working with does not work. He does not want to be critical of NASA or condemn NASA plans because of the potential for it to play into the hands of those that do not want to fund the VSE or have us return to the Moon. He was asked several questions about the Google/X Prize Cup new prize for going to the Moon. You will want to listen carefully to what he says. The same for COTS and plans that he may be able to develop to work with Space Dev regarding the HL20 on an Atlas 5. If these plans materialize, we will be reporting them here on The Space Show. Buzz talked about the three NASA words being used to describe the importance of the VSE: INSPIRATION, DISCOVERY, AND INNOVATION. Again, listen to what he has to say. When asked about being in a new Moon race, he talked about the need for America to remain at the top and on the cutting edge. He also outlined important events that will start unfolding in 2008 so pay attention to the early part of the interview when this plan is unveiled and discussed. When asked what we should be teaching in school, stressing in education, he highlighted STEM education. Again, this is important so you will want to hear what he had to say about STEM and its importance, plus his own variations on it. Buzz is a true leader and its inspiring to be part of his energy and leadership for our becoming space faring. He has much to say about settlements, getting people to space, the Moon, and Mars. This is an interview you will not want to miss. If you have questions or comments for him, I will forward them to him so send them to me at



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