Broadcast 413 (Special Edition)

13 Nov 2005 Monte Davis
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Monte Davis was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Davis explained the need for markets and demand for developing space commerce and compared the national imperative of the Apollo era to what we have today in the space field. He discussed the realities of chemical rockets, what to expect from them in the future, and how he believes we should focus our energies to enhance the possibilities for being successful in some of the forthcoming private space ventures, including space tourism. Mr. Davis spoke about congress which he believes does not have a strong imperative to fund space appropriately, that no congressman makes space his or her number one priority, and he pointed out space advocacy organization problems in the way people get trashed and put down by others. We discussed the destructiveness of this type of behavior which he says is at least partially due to the frustrations within the community and its lack of progress in fundamental areas such as lowering space access costs. In talking about space advocacy organizations, he said the Space Access Society was his favorite one because they got it about the need for low cost space access as a priority over everything else. He spoke about the SEV which he is not optimistic about at this time. Mr. Davis was asked many economic and business questions, he was asked about the space elevator, laser launch and other options for leaving the Earth and more. Its a power packed two full hour show that you will not want to miss. You can send Mr. Davis comments or questions at or through me at If you send them to me, I will be sure to forward them to Monte.



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