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Guest:  Frank White; Topics: We discussed the newly release 4th edition of his classic book, The Overview Effect.  Not only did Frank define the Overview Effect, we talked about many elements of it and human spaceflight on this program.

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We welcomed noted Overview Effect author Frank White back to the program to discuss not just the newly released 4th edition of his classic book, but also the value of humans going into space, of space exploration, human spaceflight, plus the added value of seeing Earth the way it really is, without borders and fences.  Our discussion focused on the 17 new interviews for the 4th edition, plus Frank took on additional questions and topics from the listeners during our 72 minute program.  Note that Frank said he had moved all his books and publications over to Multiverse Publishing which is a Dylan Taylor company.  Frank talked about the advantages of having them all with Multiverse and all being available.  As for earlier editions of The Overview Effect, Frank included most of them in the 4th edition but listen to how he explained his type of "consolidation" as he was asked that very question regarding the first three Overview Effect editions.

Regarding the 17 new interviews, Frank reported six active astronauts, three from the ISS, eight retired astronauts plus he interviewed three future astronauts.  He also went back and did an updated interview with a few of the astronauts interviewed for earlier editions.  As for supplemental topics, Frank spent time talking about space value.  One thing he noted was a difference in the way people now talk about space compared to how space was talked about in previous years.  I asked Frank if he noticed a difference regarding the Overview Effect based on astronaut nationality.  Don't miss how he responded to my question.  At this point, Frank talked about both Part 1 and Part 2 of the new 4th edition and the significance of the newly interview discussions.

Our initial caller was Jeff in N. Carolina who wanted to talk with Frank about the philosophy of space.  He even suggested that be a focus of a future Frank White book.  In the same discussion, Jeff brought up transhumanism. Both Frank and Jeff talked about both subjects and how they would influence-change the future of human spaceflight. 

Frank picked back up on the new interviews, especially those with the three astronauts onboard the ISS at the time of the interview which he conducted from NASA JSC.  This discussion was then followed by a Todd email wanting to know if Frank found that the astronauts met their expectations for why they wanted to go into space.  Todd was focusing on personal expectations, not mission objectives or goals.  Frank talked about this and mentioned the documentary available on YouTube, "Down To Earth."  Next up Frank shifted to talking about a spiritual type of connection with many people and space.  At one point he called it a "calling."  I reminded Frank of the older Space Show programs I did focusing on our spiritual connection to space, then Frank talked about one astronaut he interviewed who said his vision led him to realize he was a citizen of the universe. 

Tony called from Pasadena to point out the recent Dragon 1 crew interview that related to the topics Frank was discussing with us.  Here is the link to see the crew interview:  Before our program ended, Frank talked about the Overview Effect as an Earth movement and people being drawn to it.  he again mentioned the leadership of the human space program taking us into the future.  The urgency of the space message was discussed and then I asked Frank how to get an autographed copy of his new book.  If you want an autographed copy, email me and I will put you in touch with Frank to arrange it.  Frank did offer up concluding comments that you will want to hear.

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Frank discusses the newest edition of his book, "The Overview Effect."

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13 May 2021 Frank White
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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