Broadcast 1137 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

13 Apr 2009 Michelle Evans
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Guest: Michelle Evans. Topics: Orange County Space Society (OCSS), X-15, NASA, outreach. Michelle Evans, President of the OCSS, was our guest for this Space Show program. We began our discussion by looking at the OCSS (, its programs, outreach, and focus toward inspiring both members and the public to value and participate in space development. Some of the issues that were talked about in this segment included NASA outreach and PR, NASA TV and the NASA Digital Learning Network (, among a wide variety of other non-NASA subjects. In the second segment, we focused on Michelle's research and upcoming book on the X-15. She described her approach to writing the book, interviewing people still with us today who were involved in the X-15 project, and even visiting the famous Edwards AFB X-15 crash site. As you will hear in the discussion, her perspective is from the personal level of those involved rather than the technical and engineering side of the project. He book, "X-15: Wings Into Space, Flying the First Reusable Spacecraft," is scheduled for release in late 2011 and is being published the University of Nebraska Press. Her book is part of the Outward Odyssey series covering human spaceflight history. We hope to feature Michelle and her book on The Space Show when it is available. During our final program segment, Michelle was asked about the OCSS and its participation in Yuri's Night celebrations and why there always seemed to be lots of focus on museums for outreach with the listener wondering if the blue collar part of our economy was somehow ignored. You will certainly want to hear her response to this listener question. She also talked with us about her business, Mach 25 Media ( Mach 25 Media specializes in aerospace and other photography, writing, video and related educational programming, fashion design, and more. Not only will you want to hear what she has to say about her business and what she does for her prestigious list of clients, you will want to visit her website. After spending some time discussing her business, Michelle was asked how she finds the time to run OCSS, her Mach 25 Media business, and write and X-15 book with detailed research supporting the book. You will definitely want to hear how she does this as many of us juggle lots of things and Michelle appears to have the formula for doing so down pat! As we approached the end of the program, I asked Michelle about her own space fairing timeline and what it meant in her lexicon to be space fairing. Again, you will want to hear her response to this question. Other important topics were part of this discussion so this is a must listen to program. In addition, as you will hear, membership in the Orange County Space Society is global, certainly not limited to Orange County, California. You might consider joining the organization as its an outstanding way to stay connected with many important aspects of space advocacy, development, and more. I'm a new member, I hope you too will sign up by visiting their website. If you want to ask Michelle Evans a question or give her comments about this discussion, please email her at One final note. As usual, I asked her for concluding Pearls of Wisdom or special concluding thoughts. Please pay attention to what Michelle Evans offered Space Show listeners as her Pearls of Wisdom. Thank you, Michelle.



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