Broadcast 480 (Special Edition)

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Commander (Ret) William F. Readdy was the guest for this special Space Show program. We began our discussion noting that this was the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle and Commander Readdy had been a shuttle commander, NASA astronaut, and the former NASA Associate Administrator for Space Flight/Operations, leading the shuttle's return to flight program. Mr. Readdy provided us with his insights on many topics related to NASA, the VSE, technology, engineering, our future in space, the Moon, and more. Most important, he shared with us a plan that would implement the VSE somewhat differently than what NASA is doing and you will definitely want to hear his plan. He ideas to involve large construction companies in the develop of space activities is a very sound one - especially if space development evolves to the point of getting the attention of the companies he mentions. We also talked about safety, both from the NASA perspective as well as from the perspective of the developing private sector. He spoke about X-Prize and what it means, plus a host of other topics. This is definitely a program you will want to hear. If you want to send Commander Readdy follow up questions or comments, please do so through and I will promptly forward all messages to him.



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13 Apr 2006 William F. Readdy
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