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Guest:  Melodie Yashar; Topics:  Space architecture, engineering for humans living in space, needed multi-discipline collaboration, Mars hostility to humans, lunar habitats, Mars as a backup to Earth, building codes for space structures, evidence based human space structures, artificial gravity and more.

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We welcomed back to the program space architect and designer Melody Yashar who spent 61 minutes with us on architecture for living in space designs, 3D printing construction, figuring out how to live on Mars given its toxicity for humans.  We also talked about developing lunar habitats and how to build on the lunar experience for Mars.  Multiple other topics were discussed.  You can check out our program discussion topics by noting the tags which I have copied below for your convenience.

Tags:  Melodie Yashar, space architect, ICON, Mars Ice House, Mars X-House, NASA Centennial Challenges, building for human life on Mars, habitation architect, 3D designs, engineering and architectural collaboration, paradigm shifts, needing more Mars data for habitat design, Mars as being too hostile for human living, Moon-Mars differences, Mars as a backup to humanity plan, artificial gravity, the basics needed for space settlement, no best design for habitat structures exists as of yet, building codes for space structures, ISS example, multi-discipline collaboration essential, evidenced based human space structures, University of Houston space architectural program, ISDC 2023 presentations, Humans 2 Mars Summit presentations, 3 D printing for space design and construction.

Melodie was the winner of several space design awards by NASA and the industry.  She talked about some of the designs and how they might be used in space. I also asked about the designs on her website,  Our guest did explain some of her website designs plus she mentioned that her designs and projects helped her with her space architecture career.  Next up, Listener Todd asked Melodie about what Dr. Pascal Lee said a few days earlier on The Space Show regarding Mars being too toxic for human Martian settlement.  While our guest confirmed what Pascal said, she also seemed to think that technological development would enable humans to find a way to settle on Mars. Don't miss all of this discussion.  Before moving on, our guest was asked about an apparent gap in enthusiast thinking about Martian settlement and the reality of it.  She was asked how she worked to bridge that gap between her discussions and work.  Again, don't miss her response.  In addition, how about posting your thoughts on bridging this gap by doing so on our blog for this show.  We would like to hear from you.

I received an email from Roger in the UK who works as a technician for an architectural firm in Cardiff. He wanted to ask Melodie several questions about space architecture, so I sent the note in advance to our guest plus I read it on air.  Melodie responded to each of the questions so this is yet another short discussion that you should hear as Roger's question may apply to you or someone you know.  As we were moving toward the end of our hour discussion with our guest, I asked her about the development of building codes for in-space on surface structures for the Moon, Mars and beyond.  I referenced the ISS, but our guest said there were know traditional-like building codes for the ISS or for space at this time.  Melodie talked about future standards for space projects, 3D printing requirements along with the need for lots more data for space structures.  Don't miss all of what she said to my space building codes question.

Before ending, our guest gave a shoutout to the University of Houston space architecture program and a few other schools that had special classes for students interested in the field.  She mentioned her company, Icon at and her ISDC upcoming presentations.

Please post your comments/questions for Melodie Yashar on the blog for this program.  You can reach Melodie through me or her website per the address given above.




Space architecture and space settlement, where, conditions, harsh environments

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12 May 2023 Melodie Yashar
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