Broadcast 493 (Special Edition)

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Rex Ridenoure, CEO of Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation of Pasadena, CA, joined The Space Show for this program. As Rex pointed out, Ecliptic is a very successful company, thus significantly broadening our usual application of the term We began our discussion talking about their RocketCam product which took the incredible Space Ship One and Shuttle real time photos. This discussion expanded how Rex leads Ecliptic in the global space economy, how they are impacted by ITAR, cost plus contracting versus FFP. We talked about business secrecy, public and private companies. We discussed cubesats and student launches, sessions from the recent ISDC conference and much more. As a result of a listener question, Rex talked about his work with Blast Off, the project, and how it might someday be started again given the concept is still valid. I believe this is an important show, Rex Ridenoure and his company Ecliptic Enterprises are clearly a role model for To learn more about the company and to contact Rex with your questions or comments, visit You can also send him email through me at



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12 May 2006 Rex Ridenoure
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