Broadcast 467 (Special Edition)

12 Mar 2006 Eric Lerner
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Eric Lerner was the special guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Lerner discussed in detail Focus Fusion which is also Dense Plasma Focus (DPF). Not only did we discuss the relevance of this for us all here on Earth, but for space travel and transportation as well. This program is a continuation in our ongoing discussion of fusion and I must say, Mr. Lerner's approach and what he is doing sounds very plausible and exciting. To find out more, visit and also At the Focus Fusion site, you will find a detailed description of the research, the hydrogen and boron fuel usage, diagrams and more. The plan is to work toward scientific feasibility in about three years, then engineering development in another three years and then in the seventh year t have a working prototype in place for commercial demonstration purposes. I urge listeners to visit the two sites discussed by Mr. Lerner and to listen to this program as it will put an entirely new light on our ongoing fusion discussions, the use of HE3 from the Moon for fusion and the continued development and expenditures for the large Tokomak reactors. You can contact Mr. Lerner with your questions and comments by emailing him at Also, consider joining the Focus Fusion Society explained on his website. I believe this effort deserves not only our attention but our support.



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