Broadcast 1377 (Special Edition)

12 Jun 2010 Dr. Thais Russomano
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Guest: Dr. Thais Russomano. Topics: Space medicine and life sciences in Brazil, space tourism, space medicine graduate studies. We welcomed for the first time to The Space Show Dr. Thais Russomano, a space life scientist in Brazil. During our first segment, Dr. Russomano told us about her childhood interest in astronomy and space and said she wanted to be an astronaut. Later in the program, she talked about what happened in the astronaut selection process in Brazil as the process favored the military. We also talked about space life science training in Brazil and throughout Central and South America and why the focus is on the United States and the UK. Our guest told us about the Microgravity Research Center at PUCRS university, Porto Alegre, Brazil with its seven research labs which she founded more than a decade ago. You can find out more about this Center at Dr. Russomano talked about parabolic flight experience in Brazil (its not allowed) and the importance of it in life science training. She said its prohibition in Brazil was largely a political issue with cost issues also being a problem. A listener asked about the decision to select astronauts from the Brazilian military so don't miss her detailed response to this question. Bruce from Canada asked about a Rotary Wheel Microgravity Component for the ISS and again we heard about political reasoning why things don't get done or happen. In the second segment, listener Linda asked for a clarification on centrifuge training comments made earlier by our guest regarding suborbital space tourism. This is a most interesting discussion so don't miss it. We also talked about space sickness and unfortunately Thais had no silver bullet to avoid the problem. We talked about head movement and placement and other related issues, all designed to minimize the problem. Also in this segment, we learned about the Earlobe Blood Collector Device which our guest developed and which should fly on the ISS next year. Its flying with the Russians so this too is a story you will want to hear. In the third segment, we talked about microgravity CPR. Dr. Russomano told us about the positioning of the victim and the person doing the CPR and how this has been worked out to work in microgravity. Don't miss it and visualize your legs when you hear her tell us about it. She also mentioned other techniques being tested by NASA and compared the results of her technique with the NASA techniques. Telemedicine was discussed in this segment as were the books our guest has written and is writing, especially her novel which will be out next year, "Betrayal." We asked our guest about breakthroughs in space life science in the coming years and she said we needed to see them in the fields of bone loss, radiation, and psychology. She suggested these disciplines will dominate what we do to be able to colonize or settle in space. If you have a question or comment for our guest, Dr. Thais Russomano, please send it to her at Please visit her website at



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