Broadcast 230 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

12 Jun 2004 Dr. Jeffrey Foust
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Dr. Jeff Foust, editor of The Space Review, was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Dr. Foust shared with Space Show listeners new perspectives regarding the Aldridge Commission final report which has been leaked to the press and which is due out on June 16. In light of the preliminary information on the recommendations of this final report, we talked with Dr. Foust about possible reactions to the recommendations by Congress, the White House, space advocates, and the general public. Dr. Foust brought us up to date on several of the leading X-Prize contenders, including the Space Ship One scheduled launch in Mojave on Sept, 21, two Canadian projects, and a project from Romania. The Mars rovers and their findings were discussed as well as commercial prospects for Mars and the Moon. Dr. Foust talked about the commercial prospects for space tourism in light of the progress being made on suborbital flights and he discussed the suborbital industry, the AST, the impact of a suborbital accident with the public as well as regulators, and much more. Dr. Foust reiterated what many Space Show guests have said in that the remainder of 2004 promises to be a very exciting and productive period of time for space commerce.



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