Broadcast 1305 (Special Edition)

12 Feb 2010 Kris Kimel
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Guest: Kris Kimel. Topics: Kentucky Space innovative space programs. Kris Kimel returned to update Space Show listeners on new Kentucky Space programs and projects. For more information, visit In our first segment, Mr. Kimel told us about the Kentucky Space cubesat program with Professor Bob Twiggs. We also learned about the approaching suborbital launch on Feb. 24 and the upcoming Glory Mission with a Kentucky Space satellite launch to orbit out of Vandenberg later this year. Kris also discussed all of the 2010 launch plans for Kentucky Space. We talked about Professor Twiggs, the possibility of working with Interorbital Systems (, and much more. The Kentucky Space NanoRack project came up and Kris had much to say about this project throughout our two hour program. This is a fascinating commercial project which we have discussed before with Jeff Manber. As we started our second segment, we continued the NanoRack discussion and inquired about ITAR issues if launched on a foreign rocket and if placed on the Russian module of the ISS. Kris then physically described a NanoRack container. We talked about the opportunity being available to any individual or company as long as they meet the materials and safety requirements established for its presence on the ISS. There is no approval of the experiment. Kris said that the experiments will be astronaut tended and that NanoRack payloads give way to NASA priorities for the ISS. Later in this segment we talked about student opportunities and learned that Kentucky Space student opportunities start in high school and go on to graduate school. In our third segment, we discussed suborbital launches and sounding rocket launches at White Sands and near Mojave with Garvey Space. Balloon launch was discussed as was the possibility of doing projects with JP Aerospace. Kris also talked about the possibility of using the upcoming suborbital space tourism flights for both suborbital and orbital cubesat launches. Throughout the program, we addressed the shortage of academic launch possibilities, what this means for the academic community and the nation as a whole , plus students. Later in this segment, I asked Kris for a preview of the Kentucky Space five year plan. We talked a lot about their commercial and entrepreneurial space focus and the need to have value added payloads. This is an important discussion you will not want to miss. Toward the end of this segment, we started discussing the Kentucky Space plan to pursue an Exo-space medicine disease mitigation and health enhancement program in microgravity. This sounds like a fascinating and potentially very important program. As we started the fourth and final segment, we continued on with the medical discussion and access to Kentucky Space programs for non-residents of Kentucky. Toward the end of the segment, we talked about innovation and creativity and the role of serendipity in coming up with progress. Don't miss this fascinating discussion. As we concluded our discussion, Kris talked about the need to pursue persistence and passion. If you have a question or comment for Kris Kimel, please email him at



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