Broadcast 891 (Special Edition)

12 Feb 2008 Bruce Pittman
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Guest: Bruce Pittman. Bruce Pittman returned to The Space Show to talk about fusion energy, specifically aneutronic fusion from hydrogen (Deuterium) and Boron. During the program, Bruce explained the difference between the ITER/Tokamak approach to fusion vs. aneutronic fusion. Aneutronic fusion is fusion which does not release very much energy in neutrons so it reduces the need for radiation protection. Next, we discussed the funding of this as well as other fusion projects . He told us about the continued funding of fusion projects even though little progress has been made. We also talked about the politics behind funding this and other projects as well as other issues related to advancing cutting-edge science and engineering R&D projects. Listeners asked Bruce about fusion compared to the space elevator and also space solar power. You will want to hear what Bruce says about all of these technologies. Many listeners asked him about realistic timetables and costs for developing commercial fusion. Again, you will want to hear what Bruce has to say about establishing fusion at the commercial level. Bruce suggested we all read the GAO study on Fusion Energy published by the GAO in October 2007. The full name of this report is "Fusion Energy: Definitive Cost Estimates for U.S. Contributions to an International Experimental Reactor and Better Coordinated DOE Research Are Needed" and this report can be found at: You can email a question or comment or your suggestions regarding fusion advocacy to Bruce at



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