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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston;  Topics: Space Advisors with Robert Jacobson, Robert's question to me re my opinion on, climate change, the NSC meeting with the Vice President, Blue Origin's latest flight, Rocket Labs, molecular complexity & biosignatures, fusion, Raptor engines and more.   

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Welcome to our final Open Lines program for the year.  We started off with a call from Robert Jacobson, author of his very successful book, "Space Is Open For Business."  Please note the generous offer Robert made to assist fundraising for The Space Show during our annual campaign.  For donations of $50 or more to The Space Show within the week, he will send the donor a copy of his book.  Please email me regarding the offer and I will put you in direct touch with Robert. 

Robert also talked about his new activity, Space Advisors (  Robert was seeking assistance with contacts that could both help leverage and benefit the growing space economy.  Don't miss all of what he said about this new organization.  Robert and I then talked about general space topics and the focus with NASA given the new National Space Council meeting which had climate change as part of the space focus. Robert asked my opinion on climate change which I gladly gave though as I said on air it might make some listeners unhappy.  To summarize what I said, I am not supportive of policy making from an ideological perspective though I know that is what happens in politics today.  I also said that NASA should have a strong role in using space resources to monitor the atmosphere, climate & other conditions regarding Earth.  My concern was and my wish is that the data from these space resources be evaluated objectively and that policy derived from the data be determined objectively and not from any particular ideology.  Policy should be in the best interest of the nation or the planet (yes, I know, I'm a dreamer).  In addition, I made it clear that I did not support the dramatic negative claims assigned to climate change plus I briefly pointed our some of the historical facts regarding cooling and warming cycles for Earth over Earth's history.  The Space Show is a platform that welcomes all perspectives and ideas so your comments, either supporting what I said or finding lots fault with what I said are welcome.  The only rule is to have civility in the discussion.  For those of you who think climate change is a threat to the world and the US, if you want to be a guest on The Space Show to tell us why you believe that to be the case, just email me at but please bring facts that you can support during your Space Show program.

Ft. Worth John called to ask about rumors he had heard regarding problems with the SpaceX Raptor engine.  I told him I knew about the problem through the recent Zimmerman show.  Anyone knowing more about this issue is welcome to comment on it on our blog.  Tim in Huntsville called to talk fission progress and Blue Origin.  Also, the upcoming JWST launch.  Our next caller was Fremont John who posted articles on our blog that he mentioned during his call, including 3D technology for Moon to Mars O2 and steel technology.  John also talked about a sci fi book mentioned on the Tube Town site with Brian Dunn.  Brian has been invited to be a guest on the show. 

Several callers and comments came in about the Elon Musk tweet saying he was thinking of leaving Tesla to become an influencer.  We had calls that thought Elon was messing with us but Rick called near the end of the show and thought Musk might be serious.  Listen to these conversations.  Gene called to provide us with stock stats for Musk and Tesla along with some other information.  We also talked with Gene about his upcoming Tuesday evening Space Show program which will largely focus on his SSP advocacy over the  years.

Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this show.  If you want to reach any of the callers, let me know and I will put you in touch with them.  If you want to disagree with me or point out where I have gone wrong vis a vis my climate change opinion, please post on the blog.  Once again, if you want to refute what I said as a guest on the show, email me but be sure to make it clear you can bring to the program facts to support your position and information.  I will welcome you to the program if this interests you. 




Join in on the last Open Lines program for 2021

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12 Dec 2021 Dr. David Livingston
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