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Guest: Chris Carberry;  Topics:  We first discussed "Alcohol in Space: Past, Present and Future" authored by our guest, then we talked about 2020 and Mars exploration.

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We welcomed back as the guest Chris Carberry of Explore Mars to discuss his new book, "Alcohol in Space: Past, Present and Future."  As we neared the end of the one segment 72 minute program, we switched over to get a 2020 overview of Mars activity for the coming year.  Chris started off by letting us know how he got the idea for a book on alcohol in space plus he talked about the research he did to write  the book.  Chris talked about his interest in the subject and told a few stories to illustrate the role of alcohol in space including wine and barley experiments.  Chris referenced several incidents of alcohol being used in space so do listen as you may not be familiar with all of what Chris said.  Questions came up about alcohol on the ISS which has a prohibition against  alcohol it being used but once again, listen to what Chris said about the ISS and alcohol usage.  It is certainly a taboo topic.

Listeners asked Chris about the use of alcohol for space tourism and on future space hotels.  The assumption is it will be available but as of now there are no guidelines for it nor has there been adequate research to guide people in the effects of it in micro or partial gravity.  We also learned that the taste my be impacted due to being in space plus for a tourist being able to drink in space, special types of wine and beer glasses are being researched.  In fact our guest had lots to say about drinking and using glasses in space in a space bar or lounge for example. 

We learned that several businesses and more than a few countries want to have the first beer on Mars.  The country of Georgia is one such country with that goal.  As mentioned earlier, Bud has that in mind and the Vostok beer in Australia has that as an interest.  Regarding space bars, I recalled the TV commercial from years ago about the Bailey Irish Cream Zero Gravity Bar.  I mentioned it to Chris though he was not familiar with it.  Here is the early commercial:

Chris devoted a chapter in his book to space science fiction and the use of alcohol. Chris talked about Star Trek and several other sci-fi productions where alcohol was just assumed to be present like it is in our normal lives.  Chris mentioned early science fiction authors including H. G. Wells and Jules Verne has having incorporated alcohol in their space stories.  Of course there were others and while Chris mentioned several films and TV shows, the actual list of examples would be far longer than just those cited on air. 

As we were getting close to the end of the show, we switched focus to ask Chris what was going to happen with Mars for 2020.  Chris said it would be a very exciting year and started taking about the Mars 2020 mission with the drone to fly around rather than a rover moving slowly over the Martian surface.  Chris mentioned Mars activity from the UK, the Europeans, China and others.  He was very excited about the Mars momentum being built for the coming year.  One thing Chris focused on was the hype by some saying going to Mars with humans would be a trillion dollar mission.  Listen to how he refuted that.  Comments? Post them on the blog.

I asked Chris for his view on Artemis and returning to the Moon.  In a nut shell he said he is fine with going back to the Moon as long as we don't get bogged down on the Moon and that the research and work we do helps to enable our going to Mars.  Don't miss all of what he said about the Moon and mars.. 

Chris offered summary comments, provided an email address for getting an autographed copy of his book which is available on Amazon and with most booksellers.  I then asked him about his next book.  You might be surprised by what he said in reply to that question.  Near the end we talked about a space bar in space tourism hotel.  Don't miss his comments on that one!

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Chris through me, Explore Mars or the email address he provided at the end of our discussion.




"Alc0hol In Space," a new book by Chris Carberry

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12 Dec 2019 Chris Carberry
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