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Guest: Charles Precourt. Topics: Ares, Constellation, space policy, heavy lift, commercial space. We welcomed back Charlie Precourt to the show for this interview on Monday, August 9, 2010 at ATK offices at Promontory, Utah. During our discussion, Mr. Precourt updated us on the space policy debate regarding the FY 11 space budget, space policy, continuing resolution and more. Topics discussed during our interview included the upcoming five segment Ares DM-2 cold motor test, heavy lift, commercial space and ATK entering the commercial rocket market, lowering the cost to space and the factors involved in doing it, comparing SRBs with liquid rocket motors for human spaceflight, and much more. This is a 44 minute program in one segment. It is factual, informative, and most interesting. Dr. John Jurist co-hosted this program and participated with technical and engineering questions, especially about the upcoming cold motor DM-2 test which he will be attending and then reporting back to us on a special Space Show program to be scheduled soon. We talked about U.S. space policy, what it means for ATK and the industry to go to Continuing Resolution in the budget process, and the roles in rocket building with both NASA Marshall and ATK. Other topics included crew safety and launch abort systems. If you have questions or comments for Charles Precourt, please forward them to me at and I will forward them to ATK for a response. As I say on the tape, please limit your questions to only one or two, please be succinct, to the point and brief. No speeches, no term papers, no huge multi-part long winded questions. The Space Show wishes to thank Charlie Precourt, ATK, and Trina Patterson for making this important, factual, and very direct discussion possible. The support and co-hosting with Dr. John Jurist is also deeply appreciated.



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12 Aug 2010 Charles Precourt
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