Broadcast 754 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

12 Aug 2007 Dr. James R. Wertz
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Dr. Jim Wertz, CEO of Microcosm, Inc., was the guest for this special Space Show program to discuss Operationally Responsive Space (ORS). The discussion with Dr. Wertz began with his working definition of ORS. I believe this program will provide listeners with a comprehensive discussion of the subject, possible commercial applications and drivers, DOD needs and applications, R&D, technology, engineering, and even time tables for product development. Costs and budget issues were discussed, both for NASA, DOD, and our total commitment to space. Dr. Wertz also discussed ways to lower the launch costs and space access. As an example, he discussed the pump used by NASA for the shuttle with over 10,000 parts in it. This is a very interesting discussion that you will not want to miss. Listeners asked many questions including some about suborbital space transportation from point A to point B and the upcoming V-Prize as the listener thought this might actually be an economic and technology driver for DOD and their vehicle needs. Again, you will want to hear what Dr. Wertz has to say about this idea. Another listener asked about the need for DOD to comply with ITAR and if it impacts ORS efforts. The simple answer provided by Jim was yes but his following ITAR discussion is a must listen to discussion for anyone interested in this topic. As we have heard before, even our own government including DOD is not immune from ITAR compliance. Dr. Wertz will do his best to answer your questions or respond to your comments, or provide you with more information about ORS and the upcoming Responsive Space Conference set for the end of April 2008 in Los Angeles. Check out the conference at and to send Dr. Wertz an email, use the contact information provided at the site. Or you can email Dr. Wertz directly at



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