Broadcast 1136 (Special Edition)

12 Apr 2009 Avinash Siravuru
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Guest: Avinash Siravuru. Topics: Indian space program, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), SEDS in India, space entrepreneurism. Avinash Siravuru was our guest today from India to tell us about space development and exploration in his country. We learned about many of the ISRO programs, the student and advocate organizations such as SEDS, and we even received a good answer as to why so many Indian students study the STEM courses and do so well while we here in the United States lag behind in STEM education and engineering. You will want to hear what our guest said about these subjects and see if you agree. Other subjects that we discussed were the Indian lunar program, the Indian launchers, low cost space access as a goal of the ISRO, the military side of the Indian space program, and entrepreneurism in the Indian space community. As you will hear, entrepreneurism is not present but as Avinash suggested, perhaps in a few years it will start to show up. A listener also asked him about business classes for those in the space program. As this subject is now addressed on many Space Show programs, you will appreciate the comparison with America and India on this issue. We talked about space advocate organizations and which ones have a presence in India, our guest told us about the latest Yuri's Night Party, and we even listed the classes our guest has taken so far as a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. For those of you familiar with the American engineering curriculum, compare the two and let me know how they differ. Avinash provided us with the following websites which might interest you: SEDS-VIT's website... The SEDS-INDIA website is : If you have questions or comments for our guest, please email him at



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