Broadcast 384 (Special Edition)

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Anthony Duignan-Cabrera was the guest for this Space Show program. The interview began with my asking Mr. Duignan-Cabrera about space press/media coverage with the mainstream press and networks given his experience with ABC News, Good Morning America and more, plus his experience. No surprises in his answer but you will certainly want to hear it and take note of his perspective. We then began a comprehensive discussion about the Space Exploration Vision and leadership from everyone in the government, NASA, the aerospace industry, the entrepreneurial space industry and even the advocates. Mr. Duignan-Cabrera expressed concern about the success of the SEV given what leadership issues and he cited examples including the recent Discovery return to flight shuttle mission, the government and Hurricane Katrina relief, the very successful Mars, Cassini, and Deep Impact robotic missions and the way in which these missions have or have not been used to motivate and inspire people to do more regarding space programs. We talked at length about space tourism and you will certainly want to hear what Anthony has to say about this developing industry. We also got into a discussion about science and math education in the U.S. which evolved into a rather comprehensive discussion concerning intelligent design in our school systems. Toward the end of the interview, Anthony put forth recommendations for space advocacy and for moving forward with successful space programs and ventures. Listeners can e-mail Anthony Duignan-Cabrera through me at and I will make sure your comments and questions are passed on to him.



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11 Sep 2005 Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
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