Broadcast 257 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

11 Sep 2004 Professor Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz
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Professor Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz returned to The Space Show to give us a comprehensive update on important space law issues, including commercial space, property rights and the federal case regarding the asteroid Eros, remote sensing, privacy, the Outer Space Treaty, and general issues concerning space treaty law and much more. Toward the end of the show, Professor Gabrynowicz brought to our attention the importance of UNIDROIT, an effort to develop private laws as exampled by the agreements regarding satellite financing. More about this can be found We also discussed in some detail the concept of property rights and the commercial space industry, pointing out what is realistic and what is not. We talked about unilateral U.S. actions in this area and their impact on space law in general, especially since space law is international in scope. In response to a question from Philippe in Mexico City, the issue of existing legal regimes for space settlements on the Moon, Mars, or elsewhere was discussed. Professor Gabrynowicz pointed out the fact that the term colonies is not acceptable anymore and colonies are legally outlawed in the world today. The correct term is settlement and we need to start using it as to continue using the terms colony or colonization, because of their widespread meaning and connotations, is contrary to accepted international law standards. Professor Gabrynowicz spoke about pending senate legislation regarding commercial satellite imaging and as in all matters where congressional action is required for passage of positive regulations and/or policy, listeners are encouraged to write their senators and representatives in support of the specific legislation in question. If, after listening to this program, you agree with the Professor, by all means drop your senator and representative a note telling them of your support for the bills under consideration. This is an important space law update and I am sure you will find most informative. In addition, I am pleased to announce that Professor Gabrynowicz will now become a regular on The Space Show, giving us frequent space law updates on issues all of us are greatly interested in as we forge ahead to become space-faring and affordable and safe access to space.



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