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Gary Hudson joined The Space Show for a fascinating 90 minute interview. I urge listeners to listen carefully to what Gary has to say about so many of the topics and subjects that we "spacers" are interested in and want to see develop into reality. We began the interview by discussing with Gary his thoughts on what it will take to build an SSTO. Hearing what he has to say based on his experience is a must as he talked about both an expendable and reusable SSTO. He also talked about what we can expect cost-wise regarding lowering the cost for space access with an SSTO and when the subject of flight rates came up, Gary was asked how to create the demand for the increased flight rates. Again, a must for everyone to hear. He described in detail his Air Launch LLC program and projects as well as what he is doing with T/Space and their mock-up vehicle which attracts huge crowds of interested people whenever it is shown. It was at the X-Prize Cup in Las Cruces, NM, drawing huge crowds and long lines to take the tour. We also talked about the profile for air launch vehicles, referring listeners to the AIAA paper on the Air Launch website, This is a must read for people interested in air launch, what it can do, it benefits, limitations, and comparison to sea launch and ground launch. Gary was asked many questions about the role of NASA, NASA plans, the Vision for Space Exploration, the role of the private sector, bias in NASA, government funding for space projects and much more. We had a fascinating discussion about investment capital for entrepreneurial space companies with Gary suggestion, based on his experience, that its far better to work with government money than investor capital. Its a must to hear what he has to say about this important subject. This 90 minute interview is comprehensive, thought provoking, and very informative/educational. It should be a primer for anyone interested in space business ventures, management, and how best to get beyond Earth's gravity well. Visit his company websites for more information at, and If you want to contact Gary Hudson, ask him a question or give him feedback, he prefers you do so through my e-mail account, He will do his best to provide you with a timely response given his hectic schedule. I will be certain to forward any emails for Mr. Hudson to him as soon as I receive them.



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11 Oct 2005 Gary C. Hudson
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