Broadcast 269 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

11 Oct 2004 Michael Lounge
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John Michael Lounge, the Business Development Director for Space Exploration Systems, NASA Systems, Washington, D.C. was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Lounge talked at length about our future space program in the context of the new space policy initiative put forth by President Bush earlier this year. He talked about the importance of the vision and the actual program, why it should be international in scope and participation, and the progress being made to date by Boeing, NASA, and others in the aerospace industry toward realizing this vision. In response to a listener question, Mike Lounge spoke about job creation and employment opportunities as well as the contribution to Boeing by the space division and business activities within the company. I asked Mike about the possible development of a single stage to orbit RLV, about Boeing building a space tourism passenger vehicle and about the market for space tourism. We also talked about the SpaceShipOne, the Boeing perspective and the importance of SpaceShipOne to the space policy initiative. Mike brought us up to date about the crew exploration vehicle, CEV, the ISS and its possible future, converting the shuttle to a heavy lift vehicle, return to flight for the shuttle and much more. He was even asked if Boeing and others in the aerospace industry had advance knowlege of the content of what President Bush was going to say when he announced his space vision. I strongly recommend listening to Mike Lounge as he brings to Space Show listeners new points of view, updated information, and "industrial strength" analysis to many of the topics discussed on this program.



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