Broadcast 830 (Special Edition)

11 Nov 2007 David Bullock, Nancy Atkinson
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David Bullock and Nancy Atkinson were the guests for this program to introduce us to the new online space magazine, Space Lifestyle Magazine (see David started out explaining how he got the idea for the magazine, its purpose and how it is being distributed as well as describing its content. Nancy brought us up to date with the content of the first issue which is already out and available free of charge on their website. The magazine is distributed free of charge but those interested should subscribe to be on the mailing list for announcements and new quarterly issues. Many listeners asked questions, including several about the business model for the magazine since subscriptions are free. You will want to hear how David sees Space Lifestyle becoming successful and profitable. In the first issue, Nancy told us about her feature article and the book review and this led to questions about how books are selected for review, do they have to be hardback, paperback, or can they be online. One listener asked David about the editorial policy and the selection of articles for the magazine. Others wanted to know if Space Lifestyle would accept ideas or even articles from interested readers. The answer is yes but as David said, he prefers that the write "pitch" him on the idea before writing and submitting a full article. Nancy also told us about other articles she writes, specifically for Universe Today. David was at X Prize Cup covering the N-G Lunar Lander Challenge this year and since he was at X Prize Cup in previous years, we asked him about his perception of the Cup as visitor and then as a journalist covering the events. You will not want to miss his answer. You can send questions and comments to both David and Nancy. For David, you will find an email contact at (fill out the contact form, put Space Show in the subject line). For Nancy, visit her website at Her email address is under Contact or use



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