Broadcast 1154 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

11 May 2009 Jeff Krukin
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Guest: Jeff Krukin. Topics: NEWSPACE NATION, spaceports, suborbital and orbital flight. Jeff Krukin was our guest today to tell us about his new monograph, "NEWSPACE NATION: America's Emerging Entrepreneurial Space Industry." You can see a sample of this monograph and order it from Jeff's website, Jeff explained how and why he wrote this monogram and we discussed different segments of the Newspace industry referred to as industry clusters. We had a lively discussion concerning spaceports due to listener questions and a listener phone call. We also talked at length about the developing suborbital and orbital space tourism sectors. The timeline for Newspace development came up in our discussion and Jeff explained both his own timeline in the monograph as well as what he meant by the section titled "Looking ahead to 2030." His response to comments from listeners as well as me regarding the fact that we are always about two years away from space tourism, he said he too was familiar with that timeline but now he thought we were closer to that being real than any other time in the history of the space tourism industry. This is an exceptional monograph that should be required reading for journalists, writers, reporters and people interested in space but not that knowledgeable on NewSpace development or the emerging industry referred to as Newspace. If you have questions or comments for Jeff Krukin, you can email him at



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