Broadcast 1323 (Special Edition)

11 Mar 2010 Joe Cardin, Dr. Steve Harrington
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Guest: Joe Cardin; Dr. Steve Harrington. Topics: space policy, workforce issues, marketing, customers. During our initial segment, our guest, Joe Cardin of VACCO Industries provides us with a unique perspective regarding the impact associated with the new space policy budget proposals announced Feb. 1 of this year. Mr. Cardin brings to our discussion a new and different set of perspectives and possible outcomes. Our discussion covered many topics from the cost of manufacturing space certified hardware to the market saying it wants something else, especially something cheaper. We talk about NASA policy, contract requirements, and much more. Workforce issues, motivation, productivity, all of these issues were part of this conversation. Don't miss this discussion as its unique and brings into play many important issues not normally talked about or even thought about. In our second segment, we talked with Dr. Steve Harrington who has the company, Flometrics ( We received an update on his efforts to market the piston less pump to both traditional aerospace and NewSpace. Steve offers us valuable insights in this world. We also talked about the new space policy proposals, the challenges in getting commercial space customers and much much more. You will find Steve's comments and the information he shares with us to be most valuable and important. If you have questions for either of our guests on these two segments, send them to me at and I will forward them to the respective guest.



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