Broadcast 869 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Andy Turner and Charles Miller. Andy Turner and Charles Miller were the guests today to discuss their joint team approach to the NASA COTS competition. In addition to the NASA COTS discussion, we also held a special contest for the best call-in question of the program. The prize was an once-in-a-lifetime tour of the High Bay at Space Systems/Loral in order to see how satellites are actually made. Our winner was Marshall Martin of Dallas, TX. You will want to hear his show-stopping question in the third segment of the show. Andy and Charles discussed their COTS proposal as well as the SS/L Series 1300 satellite bus, which will be used as a tug. You will want to hear more about their COTS proposal. One listener asked our guests about their ride to space and we learned that they are likely considering an Atlas 5 as their launch vehicle. Another listener wanted to know if the COTS program and its prize was sufficiently funded for the winning company. You will want to hear their comprehensive answers to these and many other questions. The question of being able to dock and work with a Bigelow space station came up and yes, if possible , this could be a plausible additional market. In our discussion of markets, we talked about both government and private sector markets for going to the ISS. You must hear this informative discussion. If you have a follow up question or comment for either or both of our guests, please send it to me at and I will forward it to them.



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11 Jan 2008 Charles Miller, Andy Turner
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