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Guests: Dr. Jeff Foust and Charles Miller returned to The Space Show to discuss their three part series, "The Vision for Space Exploration and the retirement of the Baby Boomers," in The Space Review. We started the discussion today with the introduction to the problem as they see it. Baby Boomers will soon be retiring and taxing the entitlement and other support aspects of the U.S. budget. Thus, there will be fewer funds available for the discretionary budget including NASA and programs such as the VSE. Thus, Charles and Jeff have outlined a program to focus NASA on CATS (cheap reliable access to space) in order to facilitate the VSE and other space development programs. Listeners asked many questions as to how such a program would work and be implemented. One caller challenged our guests to think about another type of program saying that using non-profit organizations in the Coalition means doing the same things that have already been done before and failed. Listen to this exchange and see what you think. We talked about drivers for the CATS program, including flying people to space, how to raise the launch rate, and even the student/academic launch market. While the Coalition for Cheap and Reliable Access to Space that Charles talks about is bringing in support with non-profits, Charles invites all listeners interested in this type of program to contact him at his email address below. Other listeners sent in questions and comments, saying they now had a clearer and different understanding and perspective of issues facing NASA, the budget, and lowering launch costs. One listener even proclaimed that he was going through Kool Aid withdrawal! Let Charles and Jeff know what you think of this program and support the cause if you agree. A fourth article in the Space Review on this subject should be available by the end of this month. If you have any questions or comments for Charles Miller, send them to him at For Dr. Jeff Foust, use



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11 Aug 2008 Dr. Jeffrey Foust, Charles Miller
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