Broadcast 622 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

10 Nov 2006 Dr. Mario Acuna
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Dr. Mario Acuna was the guest for this Friday morning Space Show program. We began our discussion by talking about radiation to Mars and on the surface of Mars. This was an in-depth discussion. We eventually broadened the discussion to cosmic rays, solar events throughout the planetary system, shielding, and related topics. We then focused on magnetic fields and discussed them regarding Mars, Earth, Venus, many of the moons in our system, newly discovered planets, all the planets in our system, and our technology to learn about planetary magnetic fields. We discussed planetary science, its funding and the politics about it, plus how to balance the field with that of the human space program. Our discussion switched to human factors necessary to sustain life in a settlement in space, on the Moon, Mars, in Leo, etc. Dr. Acuna spoke with us about extrapolating data from Mars, Venus and other space bodies to better our understanding of Earth and taking care of Earth. We were updated on methane discoveries on Mars, the costs for going to Mars, risk factors, health issues and age and more. This is a fascinating discussion with one of the best planetary scientists in the business. You will not want to miss it. If you have comments or questions for Dr. Acuna, please send them to me at



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